/etc/ips ==> ip address

/etc/reservedips =====> reserved ips

/etc/ipaddrpool ===> ip address pool

/home/user/.accesshash OR /root/.acesshash ===>Access Hash (WHM remote access key)

/etc/cpupdate.conf ==>cpanel update preferances

/etc/wwwacct.conf ===> Basic/cpanel setup

/etc/localaliases ===> system mail preferences

/etc/alwaysrelay  ===> Exim open relay list

/etc/localdomains ===> Exim related file . all domain should be listed here to be able to send mails

/etc/remotedomains  ==> list doamin that have account on the server but send /receive mails through their own mail server

/etc/userdomains  ===>  user and their domains

/etc/domainusers  ==> users and their main domains

/etc/trueuserdomains  ==> user and their main domains

/etc/trueuserowners  ==> users and their owners

/etc/domainips     ===> doamin with dedicated ip

/etc/nameserverips  == > nameserver ips

/etc/valiases/domain.tld  ==> catchall and forwarders are set here

/var/cpanel/maxmailsperhour ==> server-wide mx mails per hour

/var/cpanel/cpanel.config ==> tweak setting

for update tweak setting run script:

# /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/whostmgr2 –updatetweaksettings

/var/cpanel/packages/  ===> cpanel packages

/var/cpanel/features/  === cpanel features

/var/cpanel/users/ and /var/cpanel/userdata/ ==>User data

/var/cpanel/templates/apache(1,2)  ==> apache templates

/etc/exim.conf.localopts ==> exim config templates

/etc/mailips ===> exim mail IP

/etc/mail_reverse_dns ==>   rDNS for mail IP

/var/cpanel/cluster/root/config ==> clustering

/etc/chkserv.d/ ===> service manager

/etc/cpupdate.conf ===>update config

/etc/cpbackup.conf  ===> backup configuration

/var/cpanel/mainip  ===> cpanel main ip

/usr/local/cpanel/version ===> cpanel version

/var/cpanel/resellers ===> resellers

/home/user/.accesshash or /root/.accesshash ===> Access hash (WHM remote access key

/etc/localaliases  ==>System mail preferences

/etc/alwaysrelay  ===> Exim open relay list

/var/cpanel/cluster/root/config ==> Clusterring

/var/cpanel/resellers-nameservers ===> resellers nameservers

****common scripts are ****

/scripts/build_maxmails_config ==> sets limits on the amount of email that  users can send from domains on your server

/scripts/esyapache ==> upgrade and reinstalls apache.

/scrtips/phpextensionmgr  ===> manages  php extensions

*****UPDATE scripts ******


badminup==bandmin application

courierup == courier mail server
cpaddonsup==  cpanels addon scripts
dovecotup = dovecot mail server
eximup == Exim mail exchanger
ftpup == ftp server (pro and pureftp )

imapup == Imap mail server
mysqlup  -mysql service
nsdup == bind nameserver
phpup == current version of php

suphpup == suphp tool for hadling php requests
/scripts/upcp == update cpanel and whm
/scripts/updateuserdomains == update userdomain entries
/scritps/portup ==update ports

/scripts/runweblogs== update statistics for a user

/scripts/runstatsonce = update statistics for all users

/scripts/restartsrv_* == restart all services



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