Osclass Dashboard login Issue:

Issue with osclass  Admin Dashboard login Issue:


Updating the password of osclass admin user from database

UPDATE `user_oscl241`.`os_t_admin` SET `s_password` = SHA1(‘your password’) WHERE `os_t_admin`.`pk_i_id` = 1;

Sometimes you may still face the issue with logging when using correct password due to servers php settings that doesn’t allow to start session file to create on /tmp folder . Bad thing is we may still think we are using incorrect password as it doesn’t throw any error . But checking error_log file on document root will give this following error :


[26-Jan-2015 00:30:10 Etc/GMT] PHP Warning: session_start() [<a href=’function.session-start’>function.session-start</a>]: open(/tmp/sess_562779fe460a6d0265bd7522f5f3e5b3, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/user/public_html/domain.com/oc-includes/osclass/core/Session.php on line 47


session_save_path ( ABS_PATH . ‘oc-content/uploads/’ );            ==>> Adding this line to config.php will solve the issue.

* The base MySQL settings of Osclass
define(‘MULTISITE’, 0);


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